“Marcia Gay Harden makes a literary statement with this moving story of her relationship with her mother, who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.”

“A fiercely loving and tender tribute to Marcia Gay Harden’s mother, remembering for her and for us what Alzheimer’s has stolen, filling those darkened holes with compassion, acceptance, beauty, and love. I savored every page and didn’t want it to end.”

New York Times bestselling author of Still Alice

“Honest, courageous, and often very funny…an unforgettable testament to the unique endurance of the mother-daughter bond. I loved this book.”

Emmy Award-winning actor and New York Times bestselling author of “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” and “Love Life”

“From the start of this book there is something facing a time and place new to me, speaking a language Marcia is teaching me to understand: I promise you, you have not been here before. If motherhood has a destiny, it is the beautiful life on this road, in these fields, on these pages, where a great actor has told us a true story about her mother and the intelligence and happiness surrounding it.”

Academy Award-winning screenwriter of “Julia” and “Ordinary People”

“The devotion and heartbreak of a loving mother-daughter relationship are captured with affection and precision in this graceful memoir… Harden delivers a love letter to her mother, in which the extraordinary elements of her ordinary life shine through.”

“A heartbreakingly beautiful account of a devoted daughter coping with her lovely mother’s slow slide into Alzheimer’s.”

Academy Award-winning actress and New York Times bestselling author of “Lessons in Becoming Myself”

“Praise, love, and honor all play roles in this respectful, highly affectionate memoir about a spirited mother-daughter relationship.”

“A poignant, beautiful memoir…replete with emotionally resonant scenes, humor, and tales of Harden’s own journey as an actor…both inspirational and devastating, a touching tribute to a remarkable woman.”