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Flag Day

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This past weekend, my family laid my mothers ashes next to my dads at the national cemetery in Dallas. It was flag day. There were hundreds of flags flying everywhere, honoring our servicemen and women, and their partners who lived the journey with them. I was honored to read Saint Francis’s prayer at moms gravesite, and if anyone has ever lived those words, it is she! I’ve shared here some pictures of our weekend, cousins, sisters, brother, just a big lot of family. I love her for all of her gentle goodness, but I definitely also loved the bit of the wild side of my mom! She was an adventurer, she was brave and courageous, she enjoyed an off-color joke, she loved to travel, and basically she said yes to life! As I embark on a new movie, playing @kellyoxford mom, in the indie film “Pink Skies”, I think a lot of my own mom. And I think a lot about mothering in general. There is no right way, though there are definitely plenty of wrong ways. I try to suspend my judgment, and keep an open mind. My kids think I’m that old-fashioned mom that believes in manners and courtesy and good grammar. Actually they’re right. I do. But I also curse like a sailor, and try to listen. I guess that’s pretty important, listening. Thank u @jessybarden For making listening such an explosive experience. You are a tempest! So glad to be doing this film, I’m so glad to be bringing my mother and Kelly’s mother and Kellyand me, together. Fireworks are one of my mothers favorite things, and that night – magically – the botanical gardens let off fireworks which we could see from our hotel!! Mom had done many flower arrangements at the #fortworthbotanicalgardens before, and it was where we held her memorial, so I’d like to think the 🎇 fireworks were in her honor. (Thooough it Might’ve had something to do with the music festival that was also there that night) 🤗. Either way, my mother lights up the sky.

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