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‘Code Black’s’ Marcia Gay Harden

Oscar-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden talks to TV Drama about her role on "Code Black" as Residency Director Dr. Leanne Rorish, who is tasked with keeping the chaos under control in an overburdened system while training first-year residents and saving lives.

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New Season of Code Black – MGH Addresses “Christeal”

It’s intriguing to watch the interplay between Harden and Lowe. She let him take the lead, while occasionally reminding him of talking points. At times I found myself wondering if this dynamic was Harden & Lowe or their characters. The latter could be a lot of fun on the show! (Also, Harden looks awesome! I know Lowe’s the consider a “pretty boy” but he couldn’t outshine Harden’s sparkle.)

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‘Code Black: Season One’ DVD Review

CBS Home Entertainment released Code Black: Season One to DVD on Tuesday, bringing home the best drama series that not enough people are watching. Hopefully, this box set will enable more people to catch on to a show that has so much to offer.

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