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Marcia Gay Harden on ‘HTGAWM’: ‘Arguing Is in My Blood’


by Stacy Lambe

Annalise Keating’s (Violas Davis) world in ABC’s hit series, How to Get Away With Murder, just got a lot more complicated with the arrival of Hannah Keating, her late husband’s sister played by Marcia Gay Harden.

Their 20-year history is complicated, to say the least. “They’ve never gotten along, they’ve always butted heads,” Harden tells ETonline. “It’s about — for Hannah, I should say — Annalise’s initial breaking of the moral code, breaking up a marriage.”

The Oscar-winning actress, who was only seen briefly at the end of the winter premiere, made a clear impression on fans. As one of TV’s go-to actors for guest arcs, Harden knows how to make the most of her screen time — even opposite Davis, fellow Oscar winner and recent Golden Globe honoree.

In fact, Harden promises that the impending showdown between Hannah and Annalise will be “fantastic,” but she doesn’t stop there. ETonline jumped on the phone with Harden to chat about going head-to-head with Davis, joining Shonda Rimes’ TGIT lineup, and becoming TV’s favorite pinch-hitter.

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