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Marcia Gay Harden is the real star of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’


by Alicia Menendez Tonight

It’s hard to remember a time when “Fifty Shades of Grey” wasn’t clogging up our newsfeeds.​ And while most of the film’s attention has been directed at the two lead actors, there is a scene-stealer in this film, which we propose be re-named “Fifty Shades of Marcia Gay.”

Harden plays Christian Grey’s mother. She hadn’t read the books before she got the role, but now she understands why fans are so drawn to the story. ​

“I think couples are ready to spice it up in the bedroom​, and I think she [author E.L. James] has made it accessible to the masses. It’s kind of erotica but it’s kind of a romance … and the end of a day it’s a romance film,” Harden said.

Still, she says, as a parent she wouldn’t be as cool with Mr. Grey’s behavior.

“Mm-mm, no no – Mama Grey says no,” Harden joked. “While I encourage and hope everyone plays around with a necktie and has a little fun with it or whatever, toys are fine, the journey he is on is one that she, Ana, pulls him away from because she introduces love,” Harden said. “That’s what I’d want for my son or daughter. To have an authentic, physical, love, sexual situation and that it’s full of love, respect and all of that.”

The anticipated film has come with it’s share of criticism for its depiction of sex, but Harden says she had no reservations before signing on.

“Certainly I knew there would be controversy and I knew that I better understand why I took it and I do think the film, because it’s sexual and because we tend to hold things that are sexual to a different standard in this country, I think the film is held to a very high standard,” Harden said. “If there’s a film about drugs, we don’t all go and say the kids are going to go out and mimic that behavior. Or if there’s a film about war, whatever, or grocery shopping … But because it’s sexual we get a little nervous.”

Watch the full clip to see what Harden says about television being a powerful platform for women right now.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” hits theaters Feb. 13.

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