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How to Get Away with Murder star Marcia Gay Harden teases ‘shocking discovery’




Annalise may not be able to help the Keating Five get away with murder now that her sister-in-law has come to town.

During last week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder, Marcia Gay Harden made her debut as Sam’s sister, Hannah Keating, who insisted to police that her brother is not a killer. Little does she know, however, that her brother is actually dead. Though it sounds like it may not be long before the truth about Sam comes out, since Harden reveals that Thursday’s episode includes a “shocking discovery.” Find out what’s in store when Hannah goes toe-to-toe with Annalise (Viola Davis):

What was it about this role that made you want to sign on?
It was Viola. I love Viola. I’ve loved her for a long time. I know her through the acting circuit, but I’ve never worked with her. I just think she’s a powerhouse. This character that she’s created in this sensual general who everybody kowtows to in that world of the Keating Five and the law offices, it was clear that whoever was going to go up against her was going to have to be a general of a different sort and have different artillery and different weapons, so that seemed exciting to me. And just to get to be on this show, the writing is immaculate. I love it.

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