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‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Q&A: Marcia Gay Harden Talks Taking On Annalise!


Marcia Gay Harden has just made it harder for Viola Davis’ Annalise Keating to figure out “How to Get Away with Murder.”

At the end of last week’s mid-season return of the addictive #TGIT ABC drama, Marcia showed up as Sam Keating’s sister, Hannah, a woman who in one brief appearance raised the stakes. She turned up right after Jack Falahee’s Connor was grilled by the cops, and he was there just in time to overhear her insisting to the Philadelphia Police that her brother is no murderer.

With a truce between Annalise and Connor, thanks to her offer of protection, the law school student quickly called his professor to give her the news about Hannah’s presence in town, and for the first time in a while, Mrs. Keating had an expression fans didn’t need to second guess. Annalise was rattled.

In the run up to Thursday’s new episode, Oscar winner Marcia (for her role in 2000’s “Pollock”) told Access Hollywood about how Hannah will be shaking up the show, and how much fun she’s had squaring off on screen and in character against fellow fierce actress Viola. Had you been watching the show before you joined in on the fun?
Marcia Gay Harden: I’d watched some of it. … I’m not allowed to be hooked because I have three kids, so my schedule doesn’t allow for being hooked, but I was mesmerized and entranced and couldn’t wait to get back to it. When I was cast, I had to go back and look at every single episode all over again because I needed to make sense of the character… and if I say that, ‘Oh, Sam and I were hanging out on a certain weekend,’ and that weekend was mentioned in Episode 2 where he was doing something, I had to know so that I could put the right spin on the moment.

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